Why Do You Need a Smart Key Box?

What is a Smart Key Box? What does "Smart" mean for LubnBox?

When you first learn about the term, you probably don't think it is something that you should care. Or, you might mumble to yourself and think "Oh, it's probably another Wifi or Bluetooth device." Well, this article is about to prove you wrong!

But first, let's be clear: LubnBox is Wifi and Bluetooth FREE. It is operated by LTE connection.

Back to the question, what is a smart key box?

Lubn's smart key box gives you more than just a hardware device managing property access activities remotely, it benefits you from keeping you updated with access activities, informing security alerts to report any abnormal key lock box activities, and providing the analytics feature - the access data analysis. These features help you make better decisions when choosing among the contractors, allocating resources to the potential renters or buyers, and managing vacation rental's visitors. More importantly, these features are the reasons to credit LubnBox as a Smart Key Box.

Why Do You Need a Smart Key Box?

If you own a property but still think property management is not something that matters to you, you might want to give it a second thought.

Here’s why: whether you are short-term/ vacation rental hosts, store owners, or property owners, you might have encountered a common situation most people run into: property access management.

Give yourself some time and think back to see if any situation listed below has ever happened to you:

  • Rush home to grant access for your visitors
  • Reschedule contractors due to sudden schedule change at work
  • Curious about how long the service providers spend in your property
  • Anxious about whether the hidden key has been found by unexpected strangers

Unless you are on site yourself or hire a professional property manager to handle the chores for you, it is likely that you are responsible for managing property access for visitors such as, contractors, service providers, and guests to enter your house under every situation.

It is The Ultimate Solution You Ever Need

LubnBox Pro provides the ultimate property access management solution you ever need. With the LTE smart key box, you can feel more relieved and focus on the important tasks you might have in mind while leaving property access management to the LubnBox Pro. You can always check the property access status with the integrated software platform - Manager Dashboard.

The Manager Dashboard gives you the overview of property access status, customized contact management, and the event scheduling tool. The software platform benefits you, as the property owners, rental hosts, and store owners, from having an user-friendly management tool to stay updated with the property access activities.

While safety and convenience usually don't link together, Lubn makes the two work perfectly side by side to achieve the property access management goal!

If you have not yet convinced to start managing property intelligently with Lubn, the following paragraphs will explain the reasons why the products in the market claiming to be providing the same solutions are not the best solutions for you.

                                                                                        Spoiler: security reasons related

The Conventional Way

The conventional way for you to provide keys to the visitors without being on-site exists, which sometimes drive your visitors insane simply trying to find the “hidden keys” around the property. The solution is free of charge; however, it is unsafe and insecure for both you and your visitors if the unexpected visitors grant access themselves.

The Traditional Lock Box

What about the traditional Lock Box? Indeed, it is the most commonly use and cost effective key box in the market that solves the key exchanging activities. However, it only partially overcomes the difficulties related to the off-site property access management. People with the device will not know the exact person who enters the property at what time right away. Besides, instead of completing key exchange activities, the property owners would not be able to find out other information about the visitors with the device.

The New Way

In addition, managing property access is tedious when there are other tasks you are in charge of and mean much more to you. Although there are a lot of solutions in the market help overcome the issue, most products offer the similar solutions: 

  • Require installations
  • Operated through Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Require an additional bridging connector  

The Wifi and Bluetooth connection solutions are safer when comparing to the traditional "free of charge" approach. The continuous negative feedbacks on the unstable connections result in rising concerns among the property owners.


Now you know what Smart key box means and how the existing solutions are not bringing the "smart" part to the table, what are stopping you from getting your LubnBox today? Click here to be directed to the LubnBox pricing page for more information.

However, it is also understandable that everyone has different concerns and preferences while choosing the right product for managing property access. We hope the short analysis helps you make the final decision in choosing the right key lock box you desire.