Lubn Wins the 2nd Annual Forward Thinker Award Held by Trend Forward Capital

Lubn brings the second generation of smart key box, LubnBox 2 with visual authentication, integrated with Manager Dashboard and Lubn Itinerary to attend CES 2019, Las Vegas.

During CES 2019, Lubn along with 5 other startups won the 2nd Annual Forward Thinker Award held by Trend Forward Capital.  

With the vision of building the autonomous property management world in the coming future, Lubn presents the latest property management solution to the judges. The idea of building an end to end solution for the property management industry gains significant attractions from the market and investors.

Lubn's CEO - YC Chung and CTO - Autumn Li

About Trend Forward Capital

Trend Forward Capital is the venture capital of Trend Micro Inc., a multinational cybersecurity company. The company invests in early-growth companies and helps bringing the innovative technology to succeed.