Lubn Brings the Smart Key Lockbox to WeWork Headquarter

Lubn at WeWork Labs Pitch Competition

As a proud WeWork member, Lubn is one of the six selected startups being picked to pitch at WeWork Headquarter in New York City. The event means more than a pitch competition to Lubn, it is a celebration for the community's innovators and Doers to showcase their creations and share what they love to the public.

"Do what you love" speaks for Lubn Team. Noticing the problem that exists in the current property management solution, the world class team, who shares the same vision of democratizing autonomous property management with trust, collaborates to create the ultimate solution for the property management industry.  

About WeWork Labs

The co-working space for early stage startups to connect and learn while growing the innovative ideas to business. It is an accelerator type of program that has expanded to 37 locations in 22 cities.